OEF College Scholarships

The OEF memorial scholarships are awarded to those students who have demonstrated a true sense of commitment to Olentangy Schools through their academic, athletic, art and community service achievements.

All memorial scholarships are processed through the Delaware County Foundation. Please contact Emily Robinson at erobinson@oef.foundation for more information on scholarships.

2019 OEF Scholarships Awarded

Linda Gregg Memorial Scholarship
Allison Guagenti

Jennifer Hrobuchak Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn Lee

Jennifer Lawrence-Kent Memorial Scholarship
Miranda Miller

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Mackenzie Morris, OHS, Hrobuchak
Savannah Ciotola, OHS, Gregg
Claire Harrington, OHS
Jill Schneider, OHS
Aidan Behrens, OLHS, Lawrence Kent
Aidan McDowell, OLHS, Tesner
Jasmine Suh, OLHS
Jack Houston, OOHS
Gabrielle Hinely, OOHS
Samuel Sarfo, OOHS

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Ali Ziegler, OHS
Jonathan Grubbs, OHS
Jennah Hughes, OLHS
William Perry, OLHS
Joshua Brooks, OOHS
Anonymous Recipient, OOHS
Ireland Fallona, OHS - Jennifer Hrobucek Memorial Scholarship
Emily Smith, OLHS - Anthony Tesner Memorial Scholarship
Mallory Brooks, OOHS - Jennifer Lawrence-Kent Memorial Scholarship

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Andrew Palo, OLHS
Micheal Heil, OLHS
Michael Snider, OLHS
Shrey Mahajan, OHS
Carolyn Chen, OOHS
Elizabeth Wears, OOHS
Delaney Lyons, OLHS - Anthony Tesner Memorial Scholarship
Madison Snopik, OHS- Jennifer Lawrence-Kent Memorial Scholarship

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Lydia Brooks
Spencer Dirrig
Joseph Fomich
Allyson Fomich
Evan Gies
Connor Kruse
Victoria Mentzer
Maura Parker
Marshall Ruffing

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Paulina Acuri
Marshall Adam
Courtney Armpriester
Tyler Menges
Jin Hyun Moon
Allion Priest
Nadia Volpini
Tyler Young