Olentangy Business Academy

T-shirt printing equipment to produce spirit wear and allow an ACT, OASIS and DECA student self-run business program.

OOMS Outdoor Learning Spaces Construction Project

Construction and design elements for a larger, outdoor learning space renovation.

Creating and Innovative and Future Ready Makerspace

Technology to support ongoing support and funds in creating a STEM Makerspace innovative space.

Sound System Improvement for the Marching Pioneers

Portable sound system to help with effective instructution during marching rehearsal and benefiting entire OOHS.

Arts Collaboration through 21st Century Learning

Technical equipment to support art and music project-based K-5 students reflecting cultural heritages.

Learning Reimagined

Tables and stools to support the ongoing project and funds of renovating an atrium space to a larger learning space.

Library Media Center Renovations and Updates

Movable furniture to support continued efforts and funding for a 21st Century Skills collaborative library.

Modeling Kinematics with Robots

Programmable robots for teaching kinematics to Physics students.

SMART LightRaise Interactive Projector for the Orchestra Room

LightRaise projector and cables to allow differentiated instruction for music and orchestra students.

Increasing the Four C's with "Breakout Box" Lessons

Breakout box kits, reflection cards for students to work collaboratively while problem solving. For all students, including gifted.

Olentangy Orange "The Juice" TV - 2017 Upgrade

Equipment upgrades for the OOHS Broadcast Journalism class for producing daily news shows.

Mindful-based Yoga and Stress Management

Yoga mats, portable PA system, storage boxes provided for a student wellness program.