OEF Grant Program 

The Olentangy Education Foundation was established as a non-profit corporation in 1990 to enhance the academic programs of the Olentangy Local School District (OLSD). Each year, the Foundation accepts applications from any staff member within the district wishing to enhance the education programs. The Foundation evaluates all applications and recommends the proposals that best reflect innovative programs to enhance the academic excellence in Olentangy Schools. 

Grant awards from previous years can be viewed in the Funding History section of our website. 



Looking at Diversity through Illustrated Texts

"We have identified culturally diverse illustrated texts to share (as teacher read-alouds) with students at each grade level. We plan to develop lesson plans for each of these books in conjunction with classroom teachers at the appropriate grade levels. These plans will then be entered into a database for all building teachers to use. We will also share this database with district EL teachers."


STRENGTH is a before school empowerment program for girls in the fifth grade at OMES. STRENGTH empowers young girls to gain confidence within themselves to make decisions about choices that lead towards happiness, positive self-esteem, and success as the girls enter middle school. Each session combines various discussions and activities to promote positive emotional, mental, and physical development.

Critically Creative Adventures: Visual Art Experiences for High Schoolers

"The Art Department at Olentangy Orange High School is proposing a series of Visual Arts field trips for our students. Our goal is to create critical, creative, explorative, collaborative experiences for our students outside of the traditional classroom setting."

Olentangy Orange Velocity-Based Research Lab

"The Health and Physical Education department, in conjunction with the Science department, is designing a collaborative, research-based lab with the implementation of a professional and collegiate level of technology called GymAware. This grant provides teachers and students the unique opportunity to combine exercise science and physics through state-of-the art technology to explore student-centered data-collection, performance analysis and real-time feedback in an authentic learning environment."

Erase the Space - Collaborative Writing Exchanges

"Erase the Space is a non-profit I started with a colleague at Columbus South High School to encourage productive public discourse outside the bounds of our students primary life experience. The program seeks to educate young people on the language necessary for collaboration over cultural boundaries to simulate the experience of citizenship and the discourse necessary for a well-functioning democracy. Our website is"

Timeout for Technology

"Timeout for Technology is an opportunity for Berlin HS students to experiment with technology gadgets in the media center during study hall or as part of course activities. The tech gadgets available promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving solving skills and encourage collaboration among students."

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

"Olentangy High Schools are on the cutting edge of applying real-world technology while using the Engineering Design Process.Olentangy Berlin High School now has a spokesperson for this innovation in Mr. Robot. Built by Berlin Students Mr. Robot demonstrates that as we enter the robotics age, OLSD students will be ready to lead the way."

Making Global Connections Using Digital Media Tools

Leveraging technology tools and diversity related resources, our students will engage in meaningful work to reduce bias and stereotypes, increase acceptance of other races, cultures and differing abilities.

Student-Centered Portfolios in the Music Classroom

This project allows for the purchase of six touchscreen Dell Chromebooks, licenses, a tech tub, a pack of 10 Specdrums, headphone splitters, and a paid subscription to Padlet, which will be used in the music classroom to compose, code, respond, and extend understanding, in both a small group and centers setting. Students would also be able to build their music portfolio in Schoology, by adding recordings, videos, screenshots, and more, and would also share their work with the public with Padlet.

Outdoor Raku Kiln

The Raku Project is a project designed to provide OBHS ceramic and sculpture students with the opportunity to Raku fire, in outdoor kiln area, glaze and design based on the ancient ceramic technique.

Getting Ready for College: Smartpens and Executive Function

Worried about your high school student’s note taking skills? Have them trial an Olentangy Smartpen which will allow them to easily record and then navigate their audio notes. Simply tap the pen on the written notes and the audio will play. This may be the best tool you buy your child before they go to college.

OZone Olentangy Robotics Team

OZone Robotics provides students from all four high schools opportunities to collaborate and problem solve with peers and mentors. The team members use fabrication, programming, organization, and leadership build a functional robot, in a six week timeframe, that operates autonomously as well as driver controlled, to complete multiple tasks.

Sculpture of the Future: 3D Printing

"3D printing technology is the future. Allowing our already insanely talented and creative students to access a 3D printer and push the limits of what “sculpture” is will take our program to the next level. We are already one of the most innovative art programs in the state, and this addition to the curriculum would keep us on that upward trajectory."

Olentangy Orange EntrepreNEERS T-shirt Business

The Olentangy Orange Business Club (EntrepreNEERS) in conjunction with the Applied Economics & Entrepreneurship courses, is incorporating a student-led t-shirt business. The main focus is creating school spirit wear and apparel for the school’s clubs. This business will provide a proficient, affordable way to produce and sell t-shirts, while giving business students a hands-on experience opportunity.

Carvey 3D Milling for Industrial Technology

The Makerbot 3D printer we received from the OEF grant was instrumental in providing real world experiences to our students every single day. The developing physical prototypes for our classes is now achievable quickly.